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About Us
  • The installers we use have many years of experience in Autogas (LPG)
  • We search for the nearest UKLPG approved installers near you
  • We are passionate about Autogas
  • The installers we work with only use the most trusted brands on the market
  • All the work carried out are Insurance approved by leading Insurance groups
  • We only send you to qualified and recognised UKLPG approved Installers

We are able to help customers find the most competative rates available. Bookings will be made to the nearest LPG conversion centre, where the installers will provide you with the best experience in LPG conversions.

We have a database of installers at multiple locations around the UK who are very highly trained, passionate and devoted to their work. Every single one of our centres are fully approved by the UKLPG governing bodies.

As a Group, we believe in providing people with cheaper alternative fuel, not only this will make people save money, but it will also protect the environment that we live in.

LPG Conversion is cleaner, lower carbon, efficient and innovative energy offering benefits to consumers, businesses and the environment. LPG is an important part of the UK’s energy mix and potentially will play a pivotal role in the transition towards a more secure, sustainable and competitive energy model. We are very proud that we can be part of making the world a greener place.