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About Our LPG

Why we are better

  • We are one of the Largest LPG Groups in the UK.
  • The Installers convert most petrol engines, including fuel injected and turbo charged engines.
  • The Installers¬†use the most trusted brand on the market to suit your requirements.
  • We only work with qualified UKLPG approved installers, members of the UKLPG.
  • 2 years unlimited mileage parts and labour warranty. (Conditions apply)
  • Free 1000 miles service and inspection.
  • Largest LPG tanks available.
  • Insurance approved.
  • Being the largest group, we are able to match and beat any price.
  • Our installers convert more cars than any other company in the UK.
  • One day conversion* (Conditions applies)

UKLPG Vehicle Register

All LPG installations centres on our website are UKLPG approved. The Vehicle Register is a database of UK vehicles that have been converted to run on Autogas or inspected following a conversion by our UKLPG Approved Autogas Installer. It provides free access for insurance companies, brokers, taxi licensing officers and consumers to confirm that a vehicle has been converted or checked and meets industry safety standards.

The only way to ensure that a conversion is certified, either following installation or inspection is by checking on the Vehicle Register. Most insurance companies will not insure a vehicle following a conversion if it is not on the register.

Only UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers are able to place a vehicle on the register, to book your car in with our UKLPG Approved Autogas Installer near you, Click on Book now on the left hand side

To check if your vehicle appears on the Vehicle Register click here and enter your vehicle registration number.

UKLPG Member

*This Logo represents that the installers we use are registered with the UKLPG