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How will LPG affect car’s performance?

The performance and operational characteristics of autogas vehicles compare very favorably with other alternative automobile fuels.

LPG has a higher octane rating than petrol so converted spark-ignition engines tend to run more smoothly. This reduces engine wear and maintenance requirements, including less frequent spark plug and oil changes. Autogas exhibits less soot formation than both petrol and diesel, reducing abrasion and chemical degradation of the engine oil.

In addition, autogas does not dilute the lubricating film on the cylinder wall, which is a particular problem with petrol engines in cold starts. The higher octane of LPG also allows higher compression ratio, which can deliver increased engine-power output and better thermal efficiency, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions. With the latest generation of autogas-fuel systems, acceleration and top speed are comparable to petrol or diesel.

We have successfully converted performance cars such as BMW M5, Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi GTO and many more. The drivers have told us that they cannot tell if they are driving on petrol or LPG without having to look at the LPG switch on the dashboard.