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Which LPG System

UKLPG Approved Autogas Installer

An Approved Installer will check that the conversion on your vehicle has been undertaken to the highest safety standards, they will also ensure that your vehicle is entered onto the Vehicle Register, essential for securing insurance and essential should you wish to sell the vehicle in the future.

Which is the best system on the market?

We use dozens of branded systems on the market. Each and every car is different so we will choose the best brand suitable for your vehicle depending on the package you choose. However, you can choose your own desired brand but the location offered can only be checked via telephone to us.

System we use

We work with the world best brands to supply the LPG systems outlined below. Please note that some of our centres will offer one or more of the following brands but not all. The most important thing is the system that is suitable with your car and your budget. For example, a high end system might not be worth putting on an old Ford Fiesta or vice versa that a standard system is not quality enough for a new Mercedes saloon.


AC Stag AEB AFC AG Aldesa
Auto-Gaz Centrum Bedini Bigas BRC DT Gas System
Dual Curve E-Gas Easyjet Eko Alma Emer
Emmegas ESGI Eurogas Europegas Oscar FEMA
G-1 GM Vauxhall GMS Gurtner ICOM
Impco Iwema King KME LandiRenzo
Lima Lo-Gas Longas Lovato LPG Taxis
LPG Tech Marini Metafuel MG Motor Gas Micromise
Motorgas Necam NLP Omnia OMVL
Pharos Prins Proton Ecologic Romano Star Gas
Stefanelli Sybelle Tamona Tartarini Tulip
Ultragas Versus Vialle Voltran XLR8


Lpg System